Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m an organizational diva. I can’t help myself. I straighten crooked pictures in other people’s homes, I look with longing at label-makers and would much rather win a gift certificate to The Container Store than a ticket to a vacation cruise. Perhaps it’s my misguided desire to create order from chaos, but it’s the way I am. After years of finding, selecting, commissioning and organizing priceless photo materials as a photo editor at magazines ranging from Vanity Fair to Entertainment Weekly, contributing to the written and visual content of publications such as Martha Stewart Living, In Style Home, Oprah at Home and Budget Living, keeping tabs on budgets and deadlines as a magazine managing editor, and writing a décor, craft and organizational column for GoodHousekeeping.com, I’ve decided to take my talents to the people.

Yes, I’m available to help you de-clutter that closet, bring order to your office and help with the sometimes challenging changes that life can throw our way- (I’m as much an expert at helping mom and dad downsize for a move to assisted living as I am at helping newlyweds find a way to merge separate tastes and possessions into one happy and stylish home). But I’ll also be talking about the “how” and “why” of getting organized right here.

My message is simple. The relatively small amount of time that it may take you, (especially with the help of this blog), to become and stay organized, will translate into more and more time for you to spend doing that you love most. Whether that’s being with your family, creating artwork, meditating, exercising, cooking or simply decompressing from the pressures of 21st Century life, the rewards are worth the effort. It’s not difficult, but it can be life altering. Don’t panic! I’ll be here to walk you through each step of the way. Let’s get started.


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